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We look forward to providing outstanding service from your initial call to completion of work. We pride ourselves on performing excellent work in the utmost timely and professional manner.

Are you looking for a reputable, locally owned company with a history of professional service and customer satisfaction? Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc. provides outstanding service to thousands of customers every year. We have been serving the Portland-Vancouver area since 2007.

Your home is the first place you want to insure your families safety. It is our first priority to assure the safety of your home and loved ones. It is our passion, livelihood and love of the community around us that inspires the excellence in trade knowledge and customer service we provide.

Another historic job complete. This job was so fun, lots of detail. I made a hand drawing for the historic review committee to approve.
40 days later and approval to proceed,
This Irvington chimney had to be torn down and rebuilt with all historic period materials. Every detail had to be period correct from the copper chimney cap to the copper masonry flashings and roof flashings, copper gutters and downspouts, herringbone brick inlay, and corbeled shoulders.

The homeowners struggled for many years trying to find a reputable masonry fireplace contractor.
I was referred by a well know fireplace Masonry contractor from Port Townsend, Jim Buckley.

He is one of the best fireplace masons in the world. I was honored to take the job. And super surprised he recommended me, because we have never actually spoke or met. This goes to show if you do excellent work, people talk and the work never stops coming.
My customers were the most educated I have ever experienced. They had certainly done their research and they knew that there chimney was a huge earthquake liability. Most chimneys in Portland are un-reinforced meaning they have no integral reinforcement. No re-bar to hold them together, and no support brace bar. They can finally sleep well knowing we rebuilt this chimney reinforced with tons of rebar exceeding the current seismic specification. We installed a chimney brace custom made to surround the chimney stack. We opened the roof and built the anchor into the structure of the rafters, then powder coated and painted the brackets and brace a nice brown color to match the handrails at their entry.

All said and done they showered us with a thank you card and champagne!

Call us if you want custom perfection, we are up for the challenge!

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Our customer gave us a photo of her fireplace inspiration and we exceeded her dreams! Take a look at this beautiful custom design. We installed a new gas fireplace, cultured stone surround, raised hearth extension and live edge mantel.

You dream it, we build it! Call us today to get your firepalce remodel project started! 503-758-4710.
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1 week ago

Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc.

SW Portland Chimney Rebuild:

Check out this beautiful before and after.

This chimney was cracked, loose and crumbling, from the top down, 30 courses. It looks like the crown was built with 12”x16” flue tiles when they should be 16” x 16”. The condition is due to saturation decay. When a chimney crown does not have a proper chimney cap to direct all water away, slowly, over time, moisture absorbs into the chimney. Then freezing temperatures cause an expansion and contraction that break the mortar joints and brick. This chimney was leaking into the home.

We rebuilt the chimney using new old town red brick and specialty sourced tan Belden brick to re create the unique pattern. We then tuck-pointed the chimney from the rebuild line down to the ground 100%. Finally we installed a proper custom stainless steel chimney cap and applied a water seal treatment.

Is your chimney leaking? Is mortar falling onto the roof? If so, call us for an estimate to fix it, and fix it right the first time. 503-758-4710.
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Lake Oswego Wood Insert Install-

Check out this before an after!

This fireplace chimney was not safe for continued use for multiple reasons. This chimney was originally constructed incorrectly. The interior flue passageway had no chimney liner. The chimney is way too short for how large this fireplace is, it should be about 20 feet tall for this large of a firebox opening. Many people have attempted to modify this chimney to make it draft. Our best recommendation was a new wood stove insert installed into the masonry fireplace and vented through the chimney with a 6 inch diameter stainless steel chimney liner, with a 3’ pipe

We installed the Napoleon EPI 3 wood stove insert with contemporary black fireplace face trim, installed with a new 6“ x 14‘ stainless steel chimney liner kit.

Call us today for an estimate for a new gas or wood appliance! 503-578-4710.
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1 month ago

Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc.

This customer has been dealing with this leaking chimney for 16years. There were several companies that attempted to fix the chimney. The homeowners had a brand new roof installed by HomeMasters. The owner, Bill Whitlow and I, have been friends for many years. After they installed a new roof, the chimney still leaked. It was not the roof, it was the chimney! Bill called us in to get the job done right.
We found when we tore this old chimney down that it was very poorly constructed from day one. Unfortunately, we see that a lot. Shotty masons cut corners all the time and perform work that rarely complies with American Masonry Institute standards. We demoed this chimney down to just below the roofline, mitigated all the inferior masonry and rebuilt the chimney with structural split face concrete block, reinforced with rebar and grouted all the internal cells. We installed new custom fabricated brown masonry counter flashing to match the new roof. Then we poured a formed a concrete crown. We returned 28 days later, cure time for masonry, to pop off the forms, installed a new proper stainless steel chimney cap, and painted the chimney with two coats of high quality elastomeric masonry paint. All this work performed on a brand new roof system. Canvas tarp protection and foam. The new roof is in perfect condition and still holds the HOMEMASTERS WARRANTY!
Everyone is very pleased. In the homeowners words. “I got lots of bids, but you were the only one who wanted to teach me how to do the job the right way”
We are happy to serve.
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