Tips on hiring a chimney expert!

#1 – Only Hire Certificated Sweeps

The most important qualification when hiring, is to be a Certified Chimney Sweep. The standard for training across the country is the Chimney Sweep Institute of America when it comes to the care, maintenance and repair of all fireplace, stove and furnace systems and their venting systems and chimneys. You can find a list of state certified chimney sweeps, at, and a list of nationally certified chimney sweeps, at


#2 – Chimney Sweeps should be members of NCGS

Another organization that many highly qualified Chimney Sweep companies belong to is the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). This organization is dedicated to promoting professionalism and ongoing education to keep all sweeps up with the latest technologies that are relative to the industry. We are members in good standing of this important group and suggest you look for a contractor belongs to the NCSG.



#3 – Make Sure Your Chimney Sweep Company is Licensed and Insured 

Don’t be afraid to ask if the Chimney Sweep Company has insurance that would protect against damage that may occur in your home, or to employees that are working at your home. Find out exactly what their policy covers, asking questions can prevent unnecessary risk. If the contractor has no coverage and gets injured or causes damage to your home you will assume the liability.


#4 – Look for Proper Identification and certification

Our tech’s have both OCSA, and CSIA credentials. Take note that they arrive in a marked company truck and that they are wearing a uniform, make sure you do your homework and hire a professional chimney sweep.




NE Portland Condition Report

The top five courses of this NE Portland chimney have minor fragmentation and surface saturation decay due to water intrusion and freezing. At this time, they can be tuck pointed to repair. If you wait too long while tuck pointing is an option, this could turn into a fully cracked mortar joint and need rebuild repair which is far more expensive.

This chimney also lacks a proper chimney cap.  A proper chimney cap is one that shelters and protects the entire masonry crown footprint and all terminations, with a screen to keep our pests and debris.  A masonry chimney is a clay porous structure that absorbs water and becomes saturated in the PNW climate. In this saturated state, masonry decay is accelerated. It is regular exterior building maintenance to apply a water sealant to any masonry structure every 10 years. With this water seal application and the recommended repairs, we guarantee no leaking to occur.

tuck pointing chimney repair chimney sweep

chimney sweep chimney repair ocsa


Kylie is an Oregon native who joined the PF&C team in March 2017. Fire safety runs in her family, growing up with her dad as a firefighter. She recorded a full length album and continues to write music in her spare time. Kylie is a necrotizing fasciitis survivor, a rare and often fatal bacterial infection. After 18 surgeries and many months of physical therapy, she considers it a joy to have the ability to be up on the roofs serving homeowners. With a degree in interpersonal communication from Wheaton College, Kylie is passionate about genuinely connecting with people and helping to meet their fireplace and chimney needs.

Whatever the need, make sure to ask for Kylie, one of the only women chimney sweeps in the industry.


SE Portland Chimney Rebuild

This chimney broke in half during the cold winter storm in late 2016 / early 2017. Cracks were noticed by the customer. This break allowed water to saturate the chimney.  This chimney is
cracked, loose and crumbling due to extensive saturation decay to the brick masonry cells. During saturation, this chimney has gone through extensive expansion and contraction during freezing temperatures. The flashing was bent, rusted and installed incorrectly causing a leak into the home.

chimney repair chimney rebuild chimney fireplace sweep

chimney repair chimney rebuild chimney fireplace sweep


Take took this chimney down to the shoulder (25 courses) and rebuilt using a mutual used brick, and built a new crown. We rebuilt this chimney liner with 13 feet of 12 inch by 12 inch masonry flue tiles. We also supplied and installed new black counter flashing to ensure zero leaks.

chimney sweep chimney repair chimney rebuild masonry portland oregon

chimney sweep chimney repair chimney rebuild masonry portland oregon



Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc. is licensed, bonded and insured, and has a history of providing excellent service to customers for well over 25 years. Our family has been living in the northwest and servicing people with not only chimney needs but many other areas of construction such as roofing, foundation, and forensic leak determination. It is our passion, our livelihood and our love of the community around us that inspires the excellence in trade knowledge and customer service.