Chimney Caps

Miriam Webster will tell you that a chimney cap is a device fitted to the top of a chimney to improve the draft by presenting an exit aperture to leeward. But what does that mean? A chimney cap is your first line of defense. Chimney caps are one of the most important components of your fireplace system because of the way they protect the rest of the chimney and flue. Without a working chimney cap, animals, debris, and moisture can all freely enter the flue. Likewise, chimney caps help prevent sparks and embers from flying out onto the roof and causing accidental fires. A proper chimney cap is one that shelters and protects the entire masonry crown footprint and all terminations, with a screen to keep our pests and debris.

90% of the repairs we provide our customers is repair to chimneys above the roof line.
Chimney cap chimney rain cap Chimney cap chimney rain cap
Above you see a custom fabricated proper chimney cap installed by Nathaniel in NE Portland with the beautiful Columbia river and i205 in the backdrop.

Something for everyone

We offer a variety of styles of chimney cap, in a variety of colors. Aside from our standard stainless steel or copper finish, we offer a full powder coating service. We keep white, black, gray, and brown powder coat in stock, but offer an almost unlimited amount of colors and variations that can be custom made for you. Interested in seeing some of our colors? Check out out color palette PDF Here.

What Makes Us Different:

Our chimney caps cover the entire footprint, keeping the crown dry, and offering a drip edge that extends past the dimensions of the chimney.



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Why water seal your chimney?

90% of the repairs we provide our customers is repair to chimneys above the roofline.

 A chimney in the PNW gets hit so hard with rain, the chimneys become saturated, then if temperatures drop below freezing, the bricks and mortar of your chimney expand and contract. This causes chimneys to crack at the crowns, around the flue tiles, the mortar begins to fall out of the chimney onto the roof, also we find bricks them selves going through decomposition. This is when you see the brick face sheer off because it filled with water and literally burst like a frozen ice cube. Known as spalling bricks. These cracked areas are open water ways and cause all kind of leaks and water damage into the home. We have seen it all, rotten roof, falling ceilings, leaking fireplace face, rusted dampers, rotting floors, and Mold! MOLD! MOLD!

We have found customers suffering from mold allergies for years not knowing it was coming from their chimney! This is called Masonry saturation Decay. With no chimney cap or the wrong cap this decay is accelerated in our climate.  If a chimney has never had a proper cap. It is likely you will need some repairs.

All of this decay is preventable. I think of a proper chimney cap as a crucial piece of flashing, we all know how important flashings can be. The proper chimney cap is a very important water diverting flashing for the chimney and everything below it.

We can provide a proper fitting chimney cap and water sealant application to shelter and protect your chimney from excessive water accumulation and further damage.

Our industrial masonry and brick sealers that penetrate into the substrate have many advantages over surface sealers such as acrylics, silicone and epoxies. The siloxane bonds chemically to the pores inside and below the surface of brick and masonry substrates. This keeps liquid water from entering into the brick. Also, since the sealer penetrates deeply, UV rays cannot degrade the masonry sealer. The penetrating sealer is below the masonry surface so it will give a long life.



Here you see Kylie applying water sealant to a recent restored chimney.

Chimney cap waterseal portland oregon chimney sweep




Here you see that same chimney after installing a proper chimney cap.

Chimney cap waterseal portland oregon chimney sweep




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Chimney removal and stucco patch, NE Portland

This NE Portland chimney was cracked and broken, and in dire need of a rebuild. This being a rental property, the homeowner opted to remove the chimney, and patch the stucco siding to match for a clean finish.  Here we see the chimney before demo.




Upon demo, we discovered a gas burning furnace in the crawlspace of the home. This furnace was installed with out a proper gas venting chimney liner.  The contractor who installed the furnace did not pull a mechanical inspection or the inspector did not know what he was looking at at the time of inspection.  This is why our homeowner had damage to the fireplace surround and wall. With no chimney liner the moisture rich emissions of the gas furnace are absorbing into the masonry and causing sulfuric acid decay. This basically means the masonry is rotting from the interior. It is causing all the plaster/stucco on the interior fireplace surround to crack and crumble apart. Most people probably thought the near by window was leaking and caused the damage. I can see where a dry wall patch was recently performed.  new repair is damaged from the furnace emissions saturating through the wall. Again from the furnace not having the proper venting liner.






To correctly vent this, we supplied and installed new 4”x 15’ b-vent Chimney to code height for gas on the exterior of the home to properly vent this gas furnace. All while still finishing our original plan of removing the chimney and patching with stucco siding to match the existing on the rest of the home.



Matching paint to come. The dangers of improper venting such as this are carbon monoxide exhaust gas to escape into the wall and possibly your living spaces. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless… and also toxic and highly combustible. Projects such as this are why we urge homeowners to only trust the very best with their homes.



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