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We are Beaverton’s best choice for detailed masonry construction, rebuilding, patios, sidewalks and fireplace repair. Our Beaverton, Oregon customers choose us because we are the most certified, and educated fireplace and chimney company in Oregon. Our dedication to continuing education, and quality work sets us apart. Check our credentials, and our competitors. 

Beaverton, Oregon Service Areas: We travel throughout Beaverton, Oregon to neighborhoods including West Slope, Cedar Hills, Raleigh Hills, Downtown Beaverton, West Haven, Sylvan, Cedar Mill, Garden Home, Whitford, Washington Square, King City, Tigard, Bull Mountain, Sylvania, Tobias, Aloha, Orenco, and more!

What Makes Us Different:

We want to take care of your investment by fixing the issues related to your fireplace, chimney, and roofing needs. All of our estimates and work comply with the specifications of;

National Fire Protection Association code book 211. This code is the national standard for chimneys, fireplaces and venting.

International Building Code 2015 edition for seismic retrofitting (earthquake).

The American Masonry Institute standards of proper masonry waterproofing repair.

EPA trained Lead based paint renovation certified firm, for those bad lead based painted chimneys out there.

Our owner, Louis Lee is 

To our knowledge, no other Chimney Sweep or Masonry company in the Beaverton, Oregon area (Or, Anywhere in Oregon) carries and maintains these credentials. Our owner Louis Lee is also the youngest vice president ever motioned into position in the history of the Oregon Chimney Sweep Association. Every May he proctors an exam test for the association for new companies who want to become certified to increase the quality and integrity of work provided in the trade. Please visit the Oregon Chimney Sweep Association website for more information.

When comparing estimates with other companies please be sure you are comparing apples to apples in the area of work to be performed. Often times Fly by-night or un-certified one-man bands will under bid and perform a sub-par repair to your home. Be sure whoever you hire, they are well educated on the national standards of our industry and are competent in chimney liner insulating R-Values. You also want to make sure you feel comfortable with who is working in your home. Fireplace repair can require inside access on completion, for complete quality control to the firebox clean up after a dusty repair. Sometimes a brick or tool can fall down the chimney and block the passage. After all, if you are going to build a FIRE IN YOUR HOUSE, you want to be certain the chimney will draft correctly and insulate heat correctly.



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