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Protect your home and investment with quality craftsmanship from Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc. We take a "fix it right the first time" approach. Select an established chimney professional that knows the fireplace and chimney building and safety codes.

Are you looking for a reputable, locally owned company with a history of professional service and customer satisfaction? Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc. provides outstanding service to thousands of customers every year. We have been serving the Portland-Vancouver area since 2007.

Your home is the first place you want to be certain of  the safety of your fireplace and chimney. It is our top priority to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones. It is our passion, livelihood and love of the community around us that inspires the excellence in trade knowledge and customer service we provide.

We look forward to providing outstanding service from your initial call to completion of work. We pride ourselves on performing excellent work in the utmost timely and professional manner.

7 hours ago

Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc.

NE Portland Fireplace Remodel- Check out this amazing transformation!

Our homeowner Eric said it best:

"When we began the project we really did not truly understand the serious fire hazard the old firebox posed or the weakened condition of the chimney. We had even less of a concept of how involved the rebuild project would be. But, Jake & Robert were great to work with and we thank them very much for the long, difficult and dirty hours they put into the project. Their craftsmanship shines through".

We rebuilt the chimney above the roofline and installed a 25' stainless steel liner to safely vent this wood burning fireplace. The homeowners hand selected tile from Pratt & Larson and Jake and Robert followed the homeowners design and layout with beautiful artistry.

If you have a fireplace that needs an update, call us today!

Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc
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Structural Failure!!! You can’t judge a book buy its cover!

New Homeowners moved into this great little spot close in Sellwood. Their realtor recommended we perform our 24 point inspection.
We found this chimney not only to be a fire hazard, but also a structural hazard.

The flashings had been poorly done some time ago. That water leaking through the flashing absorbed into the clay porous chimney mass. Over many years time the chimney pumped water under its footing. The soil eroded and the entire chimney sank and broke in half at multiple locations because it was pre 1910 and their was no structural reinforcement. When you have a settlement, new cracks form. These new cracks are new water ways into new areas of the house.

Once the chimney had been completely removed I could see all the additional damage from the water ways. All the framing and floor structure was rotted out. Also we found lots of black mold!

I informed the homeowners and they were so happy we found all the issues. The husband said "thank god I can finally sleep tonight".

We took the proper mitigating practices for preventing any mold contamination to the living space. We put up a plastic zip wall inside the house and removed all mold contaminated materials.

We had to jack up the floor a bit to remove and replace rotted out structural floor beams and joists.

Now we just have to rebuild and get our 4 structural inspections. Permit and plans have been approved and the homeowners have just got to pick out the finish tile.

We will have this buttoned up in two weeks, ready for the next one.

Our inspectors are the best in Portland. I have trained them to find complex issues like this. This is why you must always hire an OCSA and CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep and fireplace contractor. You will know if they are Certified if they offer a NFPA Level 2 inspection!

If we had not informed these home buyers about the correct information on their chimney, they could have lost their home from fire failure, had additional structural rot damage or been infected with mold contamination.

Instead they hired the right eyes and they got the 35k structural rebuild discount off their home purchase.

If you want the best in Portland Call!!!
Portland Fireplace and Chimney
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1 week ago

Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc.

This chimney was leaking from a cracked crown!
The leaking rusted the old damper out and the smoke chamber, of this old metal heat form firebox.
After the home owner got all the info from our inspection. He decided to install a Regency CI2600 Hybrid catalytic wood insert. This fireplace can heat 2600 sqft! All while producing very little creosote in the chimney. With the proper use of the by-pass damper catalytic feature, you can expect a 10+hr burn time. With hardwoods I have seen 15 hrs. This baby will heat your house off grid! The best part about this fireplace is that it burns so efficiently after starting it up and burning for 20 minutes or so the smoke goes clear at the top! You literally cannot see any smoke coming out of the chimney. Your neighbors won’t even know you have a fire going!

Make sure your stove is up to the current state epa emission requirements! Environmental air quality is our first priority. To maintain the right to have natural wood burning fires in the city’s we must take progressive measures two preserve our neighborhood air-quality. Only burn a EPA certified wood appliance! Check out all our EPA Certified fireplaces at Regency-fire.com
If you would like a quote on and new wood insert. Please call the office or fill out your information on our website! We can fully inspect your current system and make the proper sized recommendation.

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3 weeks ago

Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc.
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Chimney sweeps Power sweep!

Today we are in progress on a NE Portland home.
We are fallowing the NFPA 211 Level 3 inspection.
We arrived here because our inspector Kylie Marble performed a level 2 inspection.
Through her inspection she found this 100 year old fireplace had many safety issues. The main being their chimney had broken on the interior. The breaks in the firebox area are the absolute worst because it transfers heat to the wood around the mantle. When we see this kind of damage we cannot sweep the chimney. In a level 3 we must demo portions of the masonry to gain further access. We have to chase all the interior cracks and rid them of the firebox area.
Here you can see where the firebox, damper, fireplace face have been removed. This gives us full access to complete the sweeping and repair this chimney.
You can see the custom stainless steel chimney liner is in place. Now we will parge the inner wall with refractory cement mortar, rebuild the firebox, install a new damper, insulate the liner, and rebuild the fireplace face is a new tile design selected by the home owner.
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