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Are you looking for a reputable, locally owned company with a history of professional service and customer satisfaction? Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc. provides outstanding service to thousands of customers every year. We have been serving the Portland-Vancouver area since 2007.

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5 days ago

Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc.

SW Portland Custom Chimney Cap

After repairing this beautiful stucco chimney, we setup 35 feet of scaffold to install a custom hip and ridge style chimney cap, with black powder coat. We also installed a black powder coated chimney pot rain guard. Now this beautiful SW Portland home has safe and properly protected chimneys.

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1 month ago

Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc.

Blackwood Cabin - Kalama, WA

Here at PFC, we get excited about custom projects, and the Blackwood Cabin is just that.

This project included all labor and materials to construct a new masonry Rumford style fireplace and chimney. Pouring a new concrete footing, building a new chimney foundation out of concrete block, and building a new Rumford firebox with black fire brick and black fireclay. The fireplace has a beautiful bell shaped taper at the shoulder height and transitions to a straight chimney stack going plumb through the roof line penetration. We finished this concrete block chimney in a skip trowel Broquet stucco finish in shell white. We built the hearth extension using black fire brick with charcoal black colored mortar. We continued to build chimney to code height for wood using new black brick. We built a new topping mix crown with black dye. To properly protect this new chimney we supplied and installed a new custom low profile stainless steel chimney cap powder coated and painted black.

Here are some photos of the finished product, although the cabin is still under construction, our portion of the project is complete.

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*Oregon State CCB # 202488
*Washington State WA # PORTLFI852C5
*Vice President of the Oregon Chimney Sweep Association (OCSA)
*Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified Chimney Sweep
*Member in good standing of the Chimney Sweep Guild
*Lead Certified
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Good morning,

As of 9am on 6/6/18 our Comcast based office lines are down.

We’ve been informed of a nationwide problem with Comcast phones today and have assurances that everything will be up and running in under 24hrs.

Please contact us via email today!


We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2 months ago

Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc.

Chimney removal and stucco patch, NE Portland.

This NE Portland chimney was cracked and broken, and in dire need of a rebuild. This being a rental property, the homeowner opted to remove the chimney, and patch the stucco siding to match for a clean finish. Here we see the chimney before demo.

Upon demo, we discovered a gas burning furnace in the crawlspace of the home. This furnace was installed with out a proper gas venting chimney liner. The contractor who installed the furnace did not pull a mechanical inspection or the inspector did not know what he was looking at at the time of inspection. This is why our homeowner had damage to the fireplace surround and wall. With no chimney liner the moisture rich emissions of the gas furnace are absorbing into the masonry and causing sulfuric acid decay. This basically means the masonry is rotting from the interior. It is causing all the plaster/stucco on the interior fireplace surround to crack and crumble apart. Most people probably thought the near by window was leaking and caused the damage. I can see where a dry wall patch was recently performed. new repair is damaged from the furnace emissions saturating through the wall. Again from the furnace not having the proper venting liner.

To correctly vent this, we supplied and installed new 4”x 15’ b-vent Chimney to code height for gas on the exterior of the home to properly vent this gas furnace. All while still finishing our original plan of removing the chimney and patching with stucco siding to match the existing on the rest of the home.

Matching paint to come! The dangers of improper venting such as this are carbon monoxide exhaust gas to escape into the wall and possibly your living spaces. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless… and also toxic and highly combustible. Projects such as this are why we urge homeowners to only trust the very best with their homes.

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4 months ago

Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc.

How often should I have my chimney swept?

The simple answer is: The National Fire Protection Association Standard 211 says, “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs shall be done if necessary.” This is the national safety standard and is the correct way to approach the problem. It takes into account the fact that even if you don’t use your chimney much, animals may build nests in the flue or there may be other types of deterioration that could make the chimney unsafe to use.

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