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Fix Leaky Chimneys

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Fix Drafty Fireplaces

  • Damper repair and replacement 
  • Smoking fireplaces, not drafting all the smoke
  • Cracked firebox repair and rebuild 
  • Poor fireplace construction and design 
  • Proper thermal insulation 
  • Proper chimney flue lining 
  • Retrofit high-heat production fireplaces 
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Fireplace Designs and Remodeling

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We Convert Fireplaces

Everyone wants something different and we do it all!

  • Wood fireplace conversions
  • High-efficiency wood fireplace systems
  • Gas fireplace conversions
  • Pellet fireplace conversions
  • Bio flame ETHANOL conversions
  • Electric fireplace conversions
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NFPA Fireplace and Chimney Inspections

Inspecting your fireplace and chimney is essential to keeping them running properly and safely. Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc performs NFPA Level 2 Fireplace and Chimney inspections.

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Chimney Rebuild, Full Construction

We can build or rebuild a chimney from the ground up.

  • Full chimney removal 
  • Full chimney replacement 
  • Full chimney addition interior/ outdoor living 
  • Chimney seismic retrofit 
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Full Exterior Masonry Restoration & Renovation

  • Historical home masonry siding – all types
  • Masonry veneer custom flashing 
  • Masonry exterior ruck-point repair 
  • Masonry exterior rebuilding 
  • Masonry wall seismic retrofit 
  • Masonry exterior cleaning 
  • Masonry exterior waterproofing spray
  • Masonry exterior elastomeric painting 
  • Full exterior remodel and renovation 
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Wood Stoves and Inserts

Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc. offers a great selection of wood stoves, fireplace inserts, glass doors and more! Our certified technicians can help you choose the appliance that’s right for you and your family’s needs.