Masonry Restoration

Trust a qualified masonry professional to do the job right. Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc.’s experts have been in masonry all of their lives. We have some masons with over 30 years of experience.

From estate restoration projects to basic fireplace, stonework, stucco, veneer, columns,  brick mail boxes, beautiful back yard fireplaces, brick patios as well as stone and concrete pavers , we can handle it all. If you can dream it we can build it. We would love to help you make your home, your dream home.

Full Exterior Masonry Restoration/Renovation

  • Historical Home Masonry siding All Types
  • Masonry Veneer Custom Flashing 
  • Masonry Exterior Tuck-Point repair 
  • Masonry Exterior rebuilding 
  • Masonry wall Seismic Retrofit 
  • Masonry Exterior cleaning 
  • Masonry Exterior Waterproofing spray
  • Masonry Exterior Elastomeric Painting 
  • Full Exterior Remodel and Renovation 

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Wood-Burning Fireplace Restoration

If your home is older than 1959 it is very likely that your system is not capable of containing the heat and product of combustion through your general structure. This is because your chimney structure lacks a vital interior component, called the chimney liner. The vast majority of masonry wood-burning fireplaces in Portland or unlined chimneys, do not meet proper clearance to combustibles anymore. 

We specialize in retrofitting these systems up to the new fire code requirements. 

What does this entail?

The original firebox fire brick needs to be removed and replaced with refractory, firebrick and fireclay. 

This ensures where combustion takes place, it will not allow heat to escape the firebox area, and potentially dry a combustible material around it. 

The internal passageway will be lined with a new 24 gauge stainless steel insulated liner. This protects your chimney structure from the toxic gases from combustion. We have learned over the years that stainless steel is corrosion resistant, and very heat resistant. We do not want to expose large amounts of heat and corrosive byproducts to the structure of your masonry chimney. 

In this context, grandfathered in is not an applicable term.  We have learned many new technologies since your grandfather built these fireplaces.

If you burn in a chimney that has no chimney liner the inside wall deteriorates and masonry debris piles up on the smoke chamber, which affects the draft and functionality of the system. This leads to spillage of smoke and carbon monoxide poisoning which will harm the air quality.