Vancouver, Washington Chimney Rebuild 2018

This chimney was experiencing leaking issues due to water absorption and saturation decay of the shoulders, as well as poor flashing.  Unfortunately this chimney was also not constructed to code height and was not safe to be used. This chimney first needed to be taken down to the roof line to address the improper flashing issues, and then rebuild to code height.

After being partially rebuilt preventative maintenance will be key. This chimney did not have a sufficient cap. A proper chimney cap is one that shelters and protects the entire masonry crown footprint and all terminations, with a screen to keep out pests and debris. A masonry waterseal treatment is needed, A masonry chimney is a clay porous structure that absorbs water and becomes saturated in the PNW climate. In this saturated state, masonry decay is accelerated. It is regular exterior building maintenance to apply a water sealant to any masonry structure every 10 years.

Here you see this chimney after proper repairs, with a new cap installed, and waterseal applied.