Blackwood Cabin

We get excited about custom projects, and the Blackwood Cabin is just that.

This project includes all labor and materials to construct a new masonry Rumford style fireplace and chimney. Pour a new concrete footing, build a new chimney foundation out of concrete block, build a new Rumford firebox with black fire brick and black fireclay. The fireplace will have a bell shaped taper at shoulder height and transition to a straight chimney stack going plumb through the roof line penetration. Finish this concrete block chimney in a skip trowel Broquet stucco finish. Build the hearth extension using black Ravens brick with charcoal black colored mortar. Continue to build chimney to code height for wood using new Black Brick. Build a new topping mix crown with black dye. As always supply and install a new custom low profile stainless steel chimney cap powder coated and painted black.

Here are some photos of the process as it comes along, check back for finished photos coming soon!

IMG 4807

IMG 4828

IMG 4814 1

rumford fireplace portland fireplace and chimney

rumford fireplace portland fireplace and chimney

rumford fireplace portland fireplace and chimney

Check back soon for updates!


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