Full Fireplace Remodel in NE Portland

The manufactured fireplace in this home was replaced with a new Majestic SB60 a 36″ wide fireplace with all new chimney venting components, and stainless steel chase cover, new Framing, gas, and power lines were reconfigured per Majestic SB60 installation guide and building code. The fireplace face and raised hearth extension were refaced with granite. Measured, fabricated and installed by Coco’s tile and Marble.  A new Moreland mantel from McCoy Millwork,  some sheet rock patching was required and the shelfs need to tracking to eliminate the unsightly holes. The mantel and book shelf were then be Caulked and painted bringing this remodel to completion.

Here we are before the project began, during the planning process.



Here are some progress photos from along the way.

IMG 7872IMG 2392IMG 2385


Finally, here is the beautiful finished product.




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