NE Couch Rebuild

This NE Portland chimney was cracked loose and crumbling above the roofline. It was suffering from extensive saturation decay. The flashing at the roofline transition point was installed incorrectly by a roofer instead of a mason. (The roofer took a quarter inch grinder and ground out a line through the face of each masonry cell) This has caused a break in the chimney at the roofline, this chimney was not structurally sound and required a steel rebar retrofit.



We’re taking this fireplace chimney down to the shoulder and rebuilding it using new old town red brick. While we’re doing that, we’re rebuilding with a masonry the tile liner.  We’re also going to tie this chimney structure to the house using interior chimney straps, build a new crown, and install new black roof and masonry counter flashing in with ice and water shield. Here are some progress photos from this week.


20170125 170619

20170126 171736


We’ll keep you posted on this project as we finish things up next week.



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