NE Portland Clinker Brick Chimney Rebuild

Look at these beautiful historic clinker brick, unfortunately both chimneys are cracked, loose and crumbling above the roofline due to excessive saturation decay caused by inadequate flashing, cracks in the crown and metal coverings that do not adequately protect the chimney from PNW rain. Clinker bricks are partially-vitrified bricks used in the construction of buildings. Clinker bricks are produced when wet clay bricks are exposed to excessive heat during the firing process, sintering the surface of the brick and forming a shiny, dark-colored coating. Clinker bricks have a blackened appearance, and they are often misshapen or split. Clinkers are so named for the metallic sound they make when struck together.

We’re going to take these chimneys down to below the roofline and rebuild reusing the historic clinker bricks. Stay tuned for updates on this restoration project.

clinker brick portland chimney rebuild portland fireplace

clinker brick portland chimney rebuild portland fireplace


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