NE Portland Complete Chimney Rebuild

These chimneys were cracked, loose and crumbling due to extensive saturation decay to the brick masonry cells. During saturation, these chimneys had gone through extensive expansion and contraction during freezing temperatures.

We took these two chimneys down to the roof line and rebuilt using red roman brick, built a new crown with a new masonry flue tile. Also supplied and installed new black roof and counter

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Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc. is licensed, bonded and insured, and has a history of providing excellent service to customers for well over 25 years. Our family has been living in the northwest and servicing people with not only chimney needs but many other areas of construction such as roofing, foundation, and forensic leak determination. It is our passion, our livelihood and our love of the community around us that inspires the excellence in trade knowledge and customer service.

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