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This is a great example of the importance of hiring a certified chimney sweep who is trained to properly inspect your fireplace and chimney.  All of our estimates and work comply with the specifications of the National Fire Protection Association code book 211, this is the national standard for chimneys, fireplaces and venting. We are tested on International Building Code 2015 edition for seismic retrofitting (earthquake) and The American Masonry Institute standards of proper masonry water proofing repair, and we are also a EPA trained Lead based paint renovation certified firm, for those bad lead based painted chimneys out there. To our knowledge, no other company in the Portland Metro area carries and maintains all 4 of these credentials. The owner Louis is also the youngest vice president ever motioned into position in the history of the Oregon Chimney Sweep Association. Every May he proctors an exam test for the association for new companies who want to become certified to increase the quality and integrity of work provided in the trade. Please visit the Oregon Chimney Sweep Association page. www.ocsa.com 

This fireplace chimney is condemned from further use due to the extent of heat damage from a flu fire. The masonry liner is cracked from top to bottom vertically from the 2000° thermal expansion that has occurred. This thermal expansion has also broken the chimney through the concrete block in the attic at the joist. There is 30° creosote buildup on the flu walls which cannot be swept clean. The firebox and the smoke chamber have extensive cracking. This fireplace is not safe to use and requires demolitions needed to mitigate all thermally damaged areas, then reconstruction  will begin to bring this masonry fireplace back to original condition before chimney fire damage.  It is possible while in the demo process will will find areas of further damage that are not foreseeable at this time because they are not accessible. If we find additional damage we will document and stop work until written approval is granted to continue.


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