Rebuild Cracked, Crumbling Chimney to Old Town Red Chimney

This SW Portland chimney rebuild had a list of problems. Above the roof line, this chimney was cracked, loose and crumbling due to extensive saturation decay to the brick masonry cells. During saturation, this chimney has gone through extensive expansion and contraction during freezing temperatures.  There was no chimney liner. Without a chimney liner, this chimney would not withstand heat from a fire (and was not up to current code).  This firebox was cracked and loose and was no longer fire-worthy.

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To fix this chimney we took it down 17 courses and rebuilt using new “Old Town Red” colored brick, we built a new crown with a new 12″x12″ masonry flue tile termination. We also supplied and installed new black roof and masonry counter flashing with ice and water shield.  Inside, we demoed  out this firebox using a roto-hammer. Then we parge coated the throat and smoke chamber using refractory cement on all sides. Finally we rebuilt the firebox using new firebrick and premixed fireclay.

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