Recent Customer Review

“I want to take the opportunity to say how lovely Jacob and Kris were to have working on my home. They worked so hard and put in some long days staying until 8:00 pm two of the days to leave the work in a place where it would be safe from water in case of rain.

They cleaned up the work areas so well when they were done, I couldn’t even tell that they had been here working. Also appreciated that their ladders were in a garden bed and they were so careful that there was no damage to any plants–quite amazing since they were up and down those ladders so many time. I appreciated them letting me know that your company could do the foundation work also, as I did not know that.
Jacob said he loves to do the stucco work and actually seemed excited— so refreshing to feel people working on your home really like and care about their work, not just putting in their time.
My favorite thing was when Jacob said he needed additional time to finish the work, he was told by Adam (I think), “just make it right”. I know it is a big inconvenience to a company to have their schedules thrown off, and it just speaks to the company’s values to do good work.

Thanks, Tish S. “

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