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This chimney is cracked, loose and crumbling due to extensive saturation decay to the brick masonry cells. During saturation, this chimney has gone through extensive expansion and contraction during freezing temperatures. These cracks can cause a leak into your home. This chimney needs to be rebuilt from the roofline. This chimney does not have a sufficient chimney cap. With no chimney cap your chimney is open to the elements and will deteriorate much faster due to Pacific Northwest saturation decay. A proper chimney cap is one that shelters and protects the entire masonry crown footprint and termination, with a screen to keep out pests and debris.

We took this chimney down 23 courses and rebuilt it  using new red brick, built a new crown with  new 12″x12″ flue tiles. We also supplied and installed new black roof and masonry counter flashing with ice and water shield.

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