SW Portland Rebuild

This chimney had no chimney cap, as a result the chimney has absorbed extensive amounts of water and has become saturated. During this saturated period, freezing temperatures have caused expansion and contraction in the brick and mortar joints. The chimney is now loose and crumbling. Our recommendation was be to take the chimney down to the roofline and rebuild using new Mutual used brick. This way you don’t have two sections of the chimney decaying at different rates, it will be consistent and match.

Bianca Hester 1

Bianca Hester 2

Bianca Hester 4

We took this chimney down to the roofline and rebuilt it using new mutual used brick.  Built a new crown with four new 12″ x 16″ flue tiles, staggered the flue tile terminations. Also supplied and installed new black masonry counter flashing. We supplied and installed three new 12″ x 16″ top seal damper kits, and finished with a custom stainless steel chimney cap that we powder coated black at the customers request.

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