Woodland, WA Split Face Brick Chimney Rebuild

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During rebuild
IMG 1592
Rebuild complete, cast concrete crown poured
IMG 1601
Painted with elastomeric paint and custom chimney cap installed.

This customer has been dealing with this leaking chimney for 16years. There were several companies that attempted to fix the chimney. The homeowners had a brand new roof installed by HomeMasters. The owner,  Bill Whitlow and I,  have been friends for many years. After they installed a new roof, the chimney still leaked. It was not the roof, it was the chimney!  Bill called us in to get the job done right.
We found when we tore this old chimney down that it was very poorly constructed from day one. Unfortunately, we see that a lot. Shotty masons cut corners all the time and perform work that rarely complies with American Masonry Institute standards. We demoed this chimney down to just below the roofline, mitigated all the inferior masonry and rebuilt the chimney with structural split face concrete block, reinforced with rebar and grouted all the internal cells. We installed new custom fabricated brown masonry counter flashing to match the new roof. Then we poured a formed a concrete crown. We returned 28 days later, cure time for masonry, to pop off the forms, installed a new proper stainless steel chimney cap, and painted the chimney with two coats of high quality elastomeric masonry paint. All this work performed on a brand new roof system. Canvas tarp protection and foam. The new roof is in perfect condition and still holds the HOMEMASTERS WARRANTY!
Everyone is very pleased. In the homeowners words. “I got lots of bids, but you were the only one who wanted to teach me how to do the job the right way”
We are happy to serve.

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