Furnace liner Installation, West Linn

Today we installed a gas furnace liner kit through this old brick furnace chimney.

Liner kits hold condensation inside the metal line system this prevents saturation damage to the interior walls of the old masonry chimney. Chimney liner installation is one of our most common jobs when property changes hands. With a chimney liner installation you can be sure that your gas furnace is venting as efficiently as possible. With a corrugated uniform liner it creates a great draft suction and ensures all vapor gets released from the building termination at the top of the chimney flue tile.


Chimney repair chimney liner furnace liner

Chimney repair chimney liner furnace liner


“It makes me so happy that we are able to help the homeowner keep the personality of this old chimney but also be able to utilize the space for a lower cost high efficiency furnace.”

-Kyle A

Furnace liner, chimney furnace

SE Portland Chimney Rebuild

Here are some photos from a SE Portland chimney rebuild. This chimney was collapsing due to lack of structural reinforcement, and a foundation that was too small. There was a strong lean to the south and there is a large gap between the chimney and the house. We took this chimney down to the ground and removed it from the site, afterwards we built a new chimney and foundation from the ground up.

Chimney Repair Chimney Rebuild

Chimney Repair Chimney Rebuild

Evergreen Highway Veneer

After cleaning this old mossy masonry veneer wall and applying a water sealant. it is reclaimed to its original glory. This masonry veneer needs to be water sealed every 10 years to maintain any masonry substrate.

Chimney Repair Chimney Chimney Portland


One of the perks of being a mason, sometimes the view is incredible. This photo is taken from our current SW hills chimney repair project.

Theview (1)


Custom Chimney Cap in Hillsboro

Check out this custom stainless steel chimney cap for a customer in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Chimney Repair

In the Pacific Northwest one of the most important reasons to have a chimney cap installed is to prevent live animals from going inside your chimney. Animals like squirrels, and raccoons love to climb into chimneys and find a nice place to cozy into. Unfortunately these animals often get trapped and die in the chimney.  Birds often build nests over open chimneys because they are drawn to the warmth the chimney provides.  If you have a chimney cap installed you should be protected from having to deal with animals inside your chimney. Our other problem child in the Pacific Northwest. Moisture in all forms (Rain, Snow, Ice) creates a problems for your chimney if  allowed in the chimney flue. The contraction and expansion of water during the freeze and thaw process in the winter is extremely harmful, a chimney cap (Just like a roof on your home) can prevent moisture from entering your chimney.



Summer Ready

Who says you can’t use your fireplace in the summer? Check out these decorating ideas to keep your fireplace and mantel hot in the off-season. A strand of twinkle lights, glowing lanterns, candles, books, plants, mirrors, painted wood any many more decor ideas can create a beautiful space inside your fireplace while its too hot outside to burn your firewood. Give us a call at 503-758-4710 to help make your fireplace summer ready!

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