Beautiful Chimney Rebuild in SW Portland

Check out this beautiful before and after!

This chimney was cracked, loose and crumbling, from the top down, 30 courses. It looks like the crown was built with 12”x16” flue tiles when they should be 16” x 16”. The condition is due to saturation decay. When a chimney crown does not have a proper chimney cap to direct all water away, slowly, over time, moisture absorbs into the chimney. Then freezing temperatures cause an expansion and contraction that break the mortar joints and brick. This chimney was leaking into the home.

We rebuilt the chimney using new old town red brick and specialty sourced tan Belden brick to re create the unique pattern. We then tuck-pointed the chimney from the rebuild line down to the ground 100%. Finally we installed a proper custom stainless steel chimney cap and applied a water seal treatment.

Is your chimney leaking? Is mortar falling onto the roof? If so, call us for an estimate to fix it, and fix it right the first time. 503-758-4710.

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