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Miriam Webster will tell you that a chimney cap is a device fitted to the top of a chimney to improve the draft by presenting an exit aperture to the leeward. But what does that mean? A chimney cap is your first line of defense. Chimney caps are one of the most important components of your fireplace system because of the way they protect the rest of the chimney and flue. Without a working chimney cap, animals, debris, and moisture can all freely enter the flue. Likewise, chimney caps help prevent sparks and embers from flying out onto the roof and causing accidental fires. A proper chimney cap is one that shelters and protects the entire masonry crown footprint and all terminations, with a screen to keep our pests and debris.

90% of the repairs we provide our customers is repair to chimneys above the roof line.
Chimney cap chimney rain cap Chimney cap chimney rain cap IMG 3899
Above you see a custom fabricated proper chimney cap installed by Nathaniel in NE Portland with the beautiful Columbia river and i205 in the backdrop.

Something for everyone

We offer a variety of styles of chimney cap, in a variety of colors. Aside from our standard stainless steel or copper finish, we offer a full powder coating service. We keep white, black, gray, and brown powder coat in stock, but offer an almost unlimited amount of colors and variations that can be custom made for you. Interested in seeing some of our colors? Check out out color palette PDF Here.


What Makes Us Different:

Our chimney caps cover the entire footprint, keeping the crown dry, and offering a drip edge that extends past the dimensions of the chimney.

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