Installing the PriorFire RetroFit Fireplace System by Heat Shield

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Does your fireplace put off enough heat? 

I’m very excited about today’s blog because I love new technology, I love efficiency, and I love a fireplace that puts out a lot of heat! 

If your fireplace system is not providing the warmth, comfort and ambience that you desire, look no more. I have found the most amazing solution to retrofit an existing masonry fireplace into a super energy efficient masonry fireplace.

Who invented the PriorFire?

Industry leaders, Chris Prior and John Meredith worked together to develop this new fireplace system and took it through extreme testing specifications to solve many out of code fireplace problems.  This firebox system is called the PriorFire by Heatsheild.  Chris Prior has been in the Masonry Fireplace and Masonry heater installation business for 35+ years and has gifted his knowledge to the industry by providing ongoing education to many chimney sweeps across the nation. John Meredith has been developing fireplace and chimney products to solve difficult problems for chimney sweeps. His innovative technologies and chemistries have made it possible for more chimney sweeps to grow their businesses and provide a high quality standard in the work that they do by supplying them with spect chemistry mortar that provides amazing insulating and thermal resistive value.These two gentlemen put their heads together, and through many years of testing and development, this product has finally come to market through Savor Systems.When I originally heard about this new system three years ago, I was hesitant. Then Chris came out to the Oregon Chimney Sweeps Association Convention and provided us with the education on his research and development. I fell in love with this new system.

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How is the PriorFire installed in your home and where can you view it?

Chris himself came out with Shawn Wright from Saver Systems and provided our team with hands-on technical training. We purchased a system and had the goal of retrofitting an old fireplace we have in our little showroom office house. This was a masonry fireplace built in the 1950’s and was out of firecode and lacking in proper clearance to combustibles in many areas. 

At first, the puzzle was daunting, but after a morning training and getting to touch and feel all the pieces to the puzzle, it became clear that the system was incredibly well-built, designed and manufactured with quality in mind.

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I often search for the highest value I can provide my customers and after installing this fire box system into our office fireplace and chimney, I can honestly say this thing does not compare to anything else on the market. It is the most energy efficient open masonry fireplace I have ever burned a fire in. The design of the back wall of the firebox is amazing, and pushes out so much heat into the room. Just a small fire will make the room warm and cozy. 

How does this system work? 

This fireplace burns so clean. I can’t even see smoke come out of the top of the chimney. This is most important for maintaining clean air quality in the neighborhood. This open fireplace is the cleanest burning system that has ever been lab tested by UL and I was blown away by the combustion efficiency of the air delivery system at the back wall of the firebox. One could say this is kind of a wood stove insert technology with no door on the front but it is so much more than a wood stove. The air delivery to combustion takes place at 6 locations. The wood itself and then through five of the back wall joints between each brick course. I would say this is a 6 point air combustion phase system. That is why it is so efficient. The delivery of air through the back wall at each course joint increases the combustion efficiency at every elevation of every course and as the volatile gasses escape and rise off the wood, complete combustion of the fuel is achieved. 

This ground breaking technology will keep our fireplace and chimney systems safer, cleaner and more efficient. Most masonry fireplaces consume a lot of air and pump all of that warm air out of your chimney, making the house drafty and cold. The PriorFire is a game changer in that when you have a fire, it actually produces warm air in the living space. This system is incredibly safe, and I am honored to be a part of the movement in retrofitting many old, outdated, out of code, and inefficient polluting fireplace systems. This system checks off so many boxes.

PriorFire Key Benefits

  1. Retrofitting out of code fireplaces lacking clearance to combustibles
  2. Maximum energy efficiency 
  3. Efficient clean burn, non polluting to the environment 
  4. Amazing ambience
  5. Superior draft and user friendly experience

If you are unhappy with your fireplace, or you know that it is damaged and out of code, I would highly recommend asking about a PriorFire fireplace retrofit. 

This is the most state of the art fireplace technology on the planet and I can’t wait for you all to experience its warmth, its glow, and its user friendliness. Sweeps luck! 

The PriorFire is waiting for you in our Vancouver showroom. We are happy to add this to our wide variety of fireplace installation options. Call 503-758-4710 to schedule your one-on-one consultation with one of our fireplace specialists. 

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