New Designer Fireplace in Historic Irvington District

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New Designer Fireplace in Historic Irvington District

The state of this chimney and fireplace was too severely damaged to repair. The chimney suffered from saturation decay and the masonry below grade was severely deteriorated from the gas emissions of the furnace. There was no liner, causing gas emissions to vent through the chimney which could potentially cause carbon monoxide poisoning. The chimney had to be completed removed and replaced. The chimney has now been rebuilt, reinforced with rebar and tied to the structure of the house at the joist using chimney straps. 

Salvaging the existing fireplace tile surround would be tricky, the customers decided to have the fireplace tile re done at this time as well. They selected this gorgeous custom tile from Pratt & Larson. 

Take a look at the the before and after photos. 

Our customers are very happy! They now have a structurally sound, functional and BEAUTIFUL fireplace to enjoy for the holidays and many many years to come!

Thinking of remodeling your fireplace? Give us a call for an estimate. We would be happy to make your dreams come true! 503-758-4710.

IMG 4602
Fireplace BEFORE remodel.
IMG 4622
Chimney BEFORE remodel.
IMG 5733
Chimney AFTER rebuild.
IMG 6462
Fireplace AFTER remodel.

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